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Hee, hee

April 11th, 2006 at 02:33 am

Well, I called it. He spent $35.

On the good side - he bought the stuff we needed for my clothesline and actually strung it up. AND he brought home chicken for supper.

He also bought himself some underwear (needed because he's lost a lot of weight and has only about 4 pair which fit). Then he bought aloe vera gel and some stuff I don't remember. An extension cord? We have several huge extension cords, so I don't know (I thought of "Men don't buy tampons").

Freaky thing while shopping

March 14th, 2006 at 01:00 am

I've ordered from coldwater creek 2x in my life. Both at different addresses. When I bought yesterday, she asked me my name and zipcode and told me my new address.


I'd say that's almost stalk-ish feeling. They didn't have my correct email address though, which is odd because I get email from them every day.

Always watch your receipts

January 18th, 2006 at 04:14 am

JCPenney's clearance was a discount from the sales price and the way they ring it up makes it somewhat confusing. It rings up the regular price, then the sales discount, THEN the clearance discount and it does it with lots of starts and stops. So it won't move and then suddenly it prints 5-6 items at a time. We finished the clothes shopping before I went to the shoes and while I was trying on shoes,dh was looking over the receipt and noticed we hadn't gotten the clearance discount on one item. That ended up being $6.49. So we trotted over to the customer service desk and got our money back.

Then, we went grocery shopping. DH picked up some hotdogs on sale but they didn't ring up on sale. We called it and waited while they did a price check and fixed the price (unfortunately, our grocery store doesn't have a policy like some stores - where if it rings up wrong it's either free or discounted).

So, DH saved us almost $10 yesterday.

Clearance sales

January 17th, 2006 at 02:49 am

JCPenney's is having a clearance sale today. While the prices aren't as cheap as I could have gotten at the thrift store, the clothes fit and are today's style. I got 3 pairs of slacks, some new boots and another dressy-ish shoes.

We bought the boys pants and long-sleeved shirts for next year.

So, I've spent all my xmas money. But I'm so excited, this is the first time in years I have clothes that look like they're from this decade.

We're doing really well in our other goals, though. We haven't eaten out at all and we have had 4 no car days so far. We've been walking to the grocery store a lot, though, so our grocery bill is probably pretty high. I need to gather receipts and add them up, but I'm still not organized from moving.


January 11th, 2006 at 04:44 am

I didn't want to eat all day long, I wasn't hungry at all. So I started forcing myself to eat so I could at least hit 1200 calories today and now I'm starving. But nothing sounds good at all. Except chocolate, toast and jam, etc. All things not allowed on my diet.

We walked to the grocery store today. I think it's a mile round trip. Not a long walk, so I'm not going to get my hour of exercise today. I just can't bring myself to do yoga or dance right now.

DH bought me 4 new pairs of yoga pants today. I got some for xmas (2 pair) and I've been washing them so that I could wear them every day (after I change from work). I love these pants. They're long enough to actually reach my feet and they cling without looking clingy - no panty lines. He also bought a bunch of veggies. We just walked to the grocery for milk, cream cheese and yogurt. I'm so ready for phase II and some smoothies for breakfast. I may just scream if I have to eat any more eggs for breakfast.

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