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Oh my aching head

October 23rd, 2005 at 09:54 pm

For some reason I have a headache that won't quit. I suspect it has to do with the lack of caffiene yesterday and today.

Yesterday we went to the Island for Sand Castle Days and met a friend there. We get there and there's no parking, so we drove around and found a public parking area about 5 blocks away. I mentioned that I hadn't had a Dr Pepper in over a week and I really wanted one. So, we passed a circle K and DH suggests we go in and get a drink. I grab a cup and head to get my DP, not paying attention to him. In that time he suggests to the boys we get a frozen coke. I sort of heard it, but I'm going to get my DP, that's why we stopped (in my mind). I start filling my cup with ice (and the stupid ice machine will not stop spitting out ice so I end up with a lot more ice than I wanted) and then dh starts griping. "Weren't you listening to me? We're getting a frozen coke." "I don't want a frozen coke, I want a f'ing DP" (not really my words, but my attitude) so he gets an attitude about what the boys want, etc. Then he gets the martyr voice and says "sorry guys, we'll get whatever mom wants". Yeah, as if that's a good idea. So now I'm the horrible person who won't let them have what they want. Jerk! I suggest two, but of course, not, that'd be wasting a dollar and we can't do that. So I end up giving in and getting them a frozen coke and no dp for me. He has the nerve to say "they would have gotten what you wanted". Can I slap him now? He knew what I wanted, period. He then says "you like icees, why didn't you want one?" Hello! I'm trying to watch my calorie intake and I didn't want to spend my calories on a stupid icee. So, I ended up taking about 2 sips and letting the kids have the rest. No caffiene for me.

We did have a great time. The sandcastles were free to see. Then we played in the ocean some - well, a lot. I played on the beach with my friend and her 2yo. Which was pretty fun. We dug a pool and found a bamboo stick with barnacles on it, so we put it in the pool and watched them open and send out their tendrils. And then watched the 2yo splash in "her pool".

After about 3 hours (we're all just a tiny bit pink today) we decided we were pretty darn hungry so we headed back across the bridge to our favorite sea food place. All you can eat fried (fresh) fish for $7. So, $27.17 for the four of us (that's with tip, and 2 kids meals since the kids aren't so much into the fish).

Today, I woke up with a major headache which hasn't gone away yet. I've taken ibuprofen and am drinking some tea. But, it's not helping much.

We were supposed to go to walmart to get the supplies for this stupid "UN day" at school. We have to make flag, costume and food for each child plus a poster for the older child. And the flag has to be a fabric flag (felt it is). I figure all the supplies are going to be $50. Pisses me off. All this stuff, right before halloween and it's all spendy. Marvelous. My kids will probably be the least well done of all, but that's just the way it will be. If they want better, they have to give more than 3 weeks notice and they have to plan it for a better time than right before halloween. Though, really, with the whole house hunt thing, no time would have worked for me.

Movie Day

October 22nd, 2005 at 03:40 am

Mixed day today.

I took the kids to school and then came home and worked in the yard for 25 minutes. My legs are sore and I don't see any appreciable change. What a pain.

Then I came in and watched a video for a survey site. It ended up being 45 minutes with no way to pause it and it wasn't for much of a reward. But, it was mostly interesting and I was pretty zapped from that much physical labor (uprooting johnsongrass) so, it was mostly okay.

Then I had just enough time for a quick shower and then off to pick up the kids.

A stop on the way home for them to get one more immunization (the oldest is now done for 10 years) and a TB test their school requires. For some reason we didn't get charged for that. I figure they'll work it out and then if there is a charge, we'll get a bill.

Then we ate lunch and messed around and then to the movies. We watched Valiant. It's cute. Just gross enough for boys, but not so gross I couldn't handle it. That was $3 for tickets and I caved to peer pressure and bought them them the little movie meal - $3.75 each and it came with a very small soda, about 2 cups of popcorn and a candy thing. Quite a rip and they'd just eaten lunch. But it was only $10.50 for the outing, so it could have been worse.

Then we went to the park to let the boys play more. I really enjoyed getting to know this mother and her son. I think we could really be friends.

Then we went to look at one more house. The realtor called and was so excited "I think I found the perfect house for you". It was so not the perfect house. It needs work, it's on the high end of our budget and it just doesn't fit what we like. The kitchen is closed in (and we've been very clear about wanting a kitchen that was open to the rest of the house). It had popcorn ceilings. It had a painted brick wall. It backed up to a noisy, busy street. It was a neighborhood with very few kids. In short, it was what it actually is - a rental house. It's the house you rent while you look for your perfect house. It isn't the house you live in and love. The only thing it had was that when it comes time to resell, it should resell fairly easily, it's in the country club area. Yeah, that's so not enough. I may worry about paying top dollar for a neighborhood and getting my money back, but not so much that I am willing to live in a house that doesn't fit me just so I don't have to worry about the end.

Didn't eat out

October 21st, 2005 at 06:15 am

We almost ate out. But we were saved from ourselves, the restaurant was closed. So we came home and dug in the freezer and pulled out enough to have a decent meal.

I've so ready to give up on the house hunt. We got a counteroffer this evening (the written one) and when I read through it, I realized that it had expired today at noon. Now there are 2 other people bidding on this property, so it looks like this one will fall through too.

I'm beginning to think it just isn't the right time right now.

We got our credit scores ran and they're pretty good. I'm a little pissed because I've not applied for any new credit and it came across as having been lowered because of too many inquiries. The only thing I've done is get insurance quotes and we got 4 rate quotes for mortgages. So, if you shop around, you get penalized. Loverly. At least it was high enough that it didn't matter, we still got a good quote.

Tomorrow we are going to the dollar movie with my ds's friend and his mom. It'll be 3 dollars for us to get in and I might spring for a kids' pack for $2.50. We'll see. It's money we shouldn't necessarily spend, but ...

I have tomorrow off so I can get some laundry done, etc. I'll have almost 2 whole hours without the kiddoes. Maybe I can even get some lawn work taken care of.

We're supposed to drive to the island saturday with DSs' other friend. This is the first time I've really started feeling like I can make friends as a couple. DH gets along with both of the DH's, I get along with the moms and the kids get along together. What could be better?

Holy crap it's been a while since I posted

October 20th, 2005 at 04:26 am

So, we're still looking for a house. This is such a pain. I don't know if we should listen to our realtor anymore. I think by following his advice on what to offer, we might have offended the sellers. Of course, we never offered less than their tax appraised value.

But, the houses we like need some work. And they have them priced the same as the houses in the area that were perfect (that sold before we could make an offer). I'm sorry, when the house needs $5-6k worth of work, they shouldn't expect top dollar. Period.

We've eaten out way too much lately. We finally sat down and said "this is too much" and decided to make a list of foods we like to eat and that are easy to cook at home so that when we can't decide what to eat we have a list to look at. And we keep our freezer stocked, with cooked meat, etc, so most meals will take less than 30 minutes to get on the table.

We've started making a circle of friends, so we have 2 outings planned for this weekend. Tomorrow and Friday are short days for the kids, so I have Friday off (DH is taking tomorrow off) so the kids and I have a date with one of the other boys and his mom. We're not sure what we'll do, maybe drive to the island for the sand castle days or go to a cheap movie.

Saturday we are getting together with another mom and her kids. We ARE going to the island with her. I really don't think I should go to the island with the first mom because that seems mean to the second mom, I made plans with her first so she shouldn't get kids who are less excited by the outing.

It's probably cheaper to go to the movie, even if we buy snacks. Gas being what it is and the island being 2-4 gallons of gas away ...

We're watching this hurricane. I hope anyone in Florida is prepared. I can't believe it intensified so quickly. Wow! Imagine if that comes on into the gulf. Eesh!

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