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OUCH!! Gas

April 12th, 2006 at 04:15 am

$2.679 for regular. Just yesterday it was $2.599. I didn't get it yesterday because I thought I didn't have time. That will teach me.

Almost $30 for less than 11 gallons. I'm glad I don't drive much. My car is only getting about 22mpg because it's all city driving. The fastest I get is 45mph and that's for all of about 4 blocks (IF the traffic in front of me actually drives).

This on top of finding out that our electricity retroactively increased by 3 cents/kwh (retroactive to November).

4 Responses to “OUCH!! Gas”

  1. kashi Says:

    I just noticed it this morning too! $2.75!!!! ack.

  2. mom2fur Says:

    Be glad you don't live on Long Island. LIPA, our power company, recently decided to add a big, fat surcharge. My bill jumped 25%. We're all up in arms about it, but there's no competition for these people so they pretty much can do what they please. It's one of the big reason my husband and I plan to get the heck out of here (a place we've lived all our lives) when he retires in 3.5 years.
    I'm happy I don't have to use premium gas, since it's over 3.00/gal here. Regular is bad enough. I'm glad I don't drive much, either, since my car is a Durango and it might be a while before we can replace it.

  3. markio26 Says:

    my brother paid $2.89 gallon today at marathon in ohio.

  4. wildgarden96 Says:

    our petrol is $1.60 a litre $1 new Zealand is 70 cent US and 1 gal is approx 4 litres How does that compare

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