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AAAAHHHH Scholastic Books

April 10th, 2006 at 01:21 am

So we got an order form for my kindy kid. I generally just throw these away, but this time I actually looked through it.

I found a whole set of books we've been considering for about $1.50/book. These are a minimum of $3/book in the bookstores. You can't even find these used for less than $2.00/book (plus shipping).

Then, they had a book from a current series for less than half price. Another 8 books of a series we'd started for $2.50/book (these are about $4.50 in stores) and a book for $1.00.

Total? $62.80. For 36 books. I've heard that you can find these at garage sales, but I don't know if people here just don't buy books or what, but I've not found these at garage sales. Plus, when I do find a kid's book at a garage sale, it's usually torn.

This is sooo not in budget right now. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't give the books to the kids at school, if I could get them at home so they'd be a surprise and I could give them as a gift, well, that wouldn't be soooo bad.

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  1. contrary1 Says:

    Put your order in, in two parts. One that your kiddo gets, and have one delivered to the office, so you can pick it up and stash for gifts. I'm sure you're not the only one wanting to do this...... Books for gifts, what could be better??

  2. cercis Says:

    I'm going to ask the school if they can do that. I don't have any faith in them though. It's a very loose organization around there.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Also, I'm sure that if you talked to your child's teacher about wanting to not have your child know what books you ordered, he or she would find a way to accomondate you. I know when I was teaching I would do just about anything to get as many books ordered as possible -- for two reasons 1- the more books in a home, hopefully the more the child will read and 2 - the more book orders, the more bonus points -- bonus points which I used to mainly stock my classroom library! I *loved* my bonus points from Scholastic!!

  4. Says:

    I agree with child's teacher will hold them back for you to pick up separately if you ask her. These books are a great deal if you were going to buy them anyway.

  5. kashi Says:

    Oh, how I loved Scholastic Books! I usually wanted every book in those parents were so into reading that they normally accomodated a reasonable (though still large) amount. It was one of the few splurges we got! Getting a new book is still so exciting for me.

  6. miclason Says:

    my most memorable Christmas ever?? I got a boxfull of books (and I mean, a box that was big enough for me to climb into!!- I was 9!)...
    Books are so special to me because, everyone at home read, but, when the war came, anything not made in ES was a "luxury item" (even books!) and was taxed 300%, so books became ultra-expensive! Thank God for the school library!!...since then, things have changed so much, books have a 0% import duty! woo-hoo!!...needless to say, we learned to take really good care of them! (Ale has learned this, too, and a trip to the bookstore is really a treat for her! -...I always make sure she gets at least 1 book as a gift for her B-day and also for Xmas!)

  7. alianora Says:

    my parents always severely limited the amount i could spend on Scholastic books. It was good math skills for me, because i had to figure out pricing on all the ones i wanted..cross some off,, this entire process kept me busy for HOURS agonizing over which ones i REALLY wanted.

    i would have bought every single one if i could have!

  8. markio26 Says:

    i have seen them at garage sales in ohio... ppl. purchase them for their children, grandkids, etc.. and don't return them, if they were not liked, or the kids did not like them.. they sell for a dime each... can you imagine!!

  9. Becky Says:

    Scholastic Books are driving me to the poorhouse! It's impossible to pass up some of the specials they run. I mean, 97c books? That's cheaper than the dollar store (gotta pay sales tax on the dollar store books)! And I remember how much I used to love getting my book order in when I was a little kid. So this is a huge splurge in my household.

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