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Frugal Garden Art

April 7th, 2006 at 04:03 am

This image is copyrighted but is used by permission.

Gazing globes are a big thing in gardens and have been for a few years. Once, they were only metallic and reflective, but now you find them in handblown glass and all kinds of other nice colors. The only problem with them is that they break so easily. Mow your lawn and hit a rock and there goes your globe.

So what can you use that is round, comes in all colors and patterns and won't break? A bowling ball. The above picture was actually taken in the garden of the President of the University of Oklahoma.

This was my house in Oklahoma City. The blue ball is a bowling ball. I had 5 balls or so, but that's the only picture I can find. People loved my "gazing globes".

I paid 99cents for them from thrift stores. You can often get them for free from bowling alleys (or so I've been told, I've never found one that would give them away).

If you have one and you don't like the color, you can epoxy pennies or glass tiles to them.

2 Responses to “Frugal Garden Art”

  1. StressLess Says:

    I LOVE this idea, but I haven't gotten around to doing it. I was really impressed by an episode on one of those gardening shows on cable, where an artist couple had filled their yard with decorated balls. Then I discovered the Garden Junk forum over on Oy vey! You want bowling balls...

    If you do a search on "bowling", there are 238 hits! Bowling ball fountains, bowling ball caterpillars, mosaic bowling balls, tips on drilling techniques, and 4 photo galleries of nothing but what people have done with bowling balls. Here's a link to the search results.

    Text is and Link is
    Thanks for reminding me. Maybe I'll do something about it this year. Smile

  2. markio26 Says:

    we had 3 colorful bowling balls in our side of the house landscaping and our next door neighbor begged them from us for his son to really use to bowl with... they are a great conversation piece... now we plant hens and chicks in our old work boots and they work a lil bit better in the landscaping for what we are doing... old plow, etc...

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