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Walking to the Grocery Store

April 4th, 2006 at 04:22 am

This is supposed to save us money. If you walk 1) you use less gas and 2) you can't buy as much because you have to carry what you buy.

Our first mistake was getting a cart rather than a hand basket.

We needed milk, so dh bought 3 half gallons (we buy organic milk). Then he picked up a half gallon of organic orange juice. Then we bought cans of enchilada sauce and coconut milk. Eggs. Hot dog and hamburger buns. Then there was a special on pork (which we love). Then dh realized he needed eggs for popovers. $43 and about 30lbs later, we were done. Sooo much fun to walk home carrying 15+lbs of food. I have a great bag from Mexico - almost indestructible, but the handles really suck. They are too small to fit over my arm and up on my shoulder, so I have to carry all the weight with my hand. And the bag is too long to carry with my arm straight, so I have to keep it bent. My elbow is killing me.

DH uses a backpack and he had the milk and OJ. I think I need to get a backpack for these types of trips.

2 Responses to “Walking to the Grocery Store”

  1. marieelaine75 Says:

    Sounds like it maybe isn't worth the effort... if it's causing you pain, is it really worth it??? Smile

  2. mom2fur Says:

    As someone with chronic back pain, I have to send out a red flag to you to be careful! I don't know if they still sell those wheeled carts, but that might be an option. But setting yourself up for years of physical therapy ain't very frugal.
    Still, a walk with your husband is such a nice idea. Why don't you plan to do it each week with the idea of only buying one dinner's worth of groceries? You'll get the exercise but you won't kill your joints. Look at it as an investment in health and time together rather than as a way to save a little money.

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