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Free plant(s)

March 29th, 2006 at 05:38 am

DH worked again on Sunday. He came home with 2 gorgeous cut orchid stems. One pink, one white. They are marvelous.

Then, he went back out and came in with a beautiful blue and white pot planted with a pothos. This poor plant seriously needs to be planted in a bigger pot OR I'm thinking of dividing it and making 2 (or more) plants out of it. I have the gorgeous pot it's in and another gorgeous large square pot that I've been dying to plant since I got it (1.5 years ago).

(pic from

Pothos is supposed to be extremely good at filtering impurities from the air. And it grows quickly.

The only issue will be keeping my cat from digging in it. The best tip for that is barrier methods. Plastic plates or aluminum foil work very well. They aren't the most attractive, but it does keep the cat from using it as a cat box.

1 Responses to “Free plant(s)”

  1. mom2fur Says:

    That plant looks really pretty. But be grateful you don't have ferrets--they love to dig and knock things over. A plant wouldn't last 2 seconds in this house, between 3 ferrets, 2 cats and the fact that I have a purple thumb when it comes to house plants.
    I don't have a black thumb. I don't kill plants. I have a purple thumb--every plant I touch turns radioactive.
    Just kidding. I promise you my cats and ferrets don't glow in the dark. Neither do my 4 kids or my husband.

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