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Still 1.5 weeks in the month?

March 23rd, 2006 at 05:16 am

DH went to the grocery store today for turkey and milk. He hasn't given me the receipt, which means he probably bought more than that, so I'm sure we're over our grocery budget.

I know the gas is over the budget. 2 10-12 hour round trips will do that. We were under last month, though, so I hope it will balance out.

We got our AmEx card. It came with an offer for a free balance transfer with a lower rate than our low rate (I don't remember the rate right now). We have to pay it off in 6 months (which is the plan). It will save us about $40 in interest. The best thing it will do is give us a goal and keep us on track.

On one of my boards we started a new thread - 100 ways to save $1. I figured out how much it costs to run my dryer (given our high cost of electricity) and realized each load is almost $1. OUCH! That means we REALLY have to get that clothesline up. We've never had to do one from scratch, though, so I know that's what's holding dh up. Our posthole diggers broke - so I'll have to figure out someone we can borrow them from. Maybe the people across the alley who took our dryer and our wheelbarrow would have a set?

4 Responses to “Still 1.5 weeks in the month?”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Can I ask what board that is? I have always wondered how much it cost to run the dryer!

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    I'm interested in the link, too...I'd love to check it out.

  3. cercis Says:

    The calculations aren't on the board, I did it myself.

    The average dryer (according to the internet) uses 5600watts. That 5.6kw/hour. So 1 hour of use (which is about what mine runs) is 5.6kwh. I pay 16.5 (or more) cents per kwh.

    The board I frequent is an online community (open) which happens to have a frugal board. It's at
    Text is and Link is This board was mainly set up to be a debate community.

  4. mom2fur Says:

    I have heard that if you let your wash go through one extra spin cycle, the dryer has less work to do. I also read recently that the vast majority of the cost of washing clothes is heating the water--and clothes wash just fine in cold water. So that would be another place to save money.

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