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I'm soooo cold

February 19th, 2006 at 05:53 am

It's only 40s, which I know for many people sounds really warm for february, but for here, that's cold. Most of us don't even own heaters.

DS1 and I went to a bday party today. They had a bouncy tent set up and it was too cold for the kids to stay long. I felt so bad for the bday kid, only 2 kids from school were there. They invited the whole class (18 kids). Yes it was cold and it was at home rather than someplace "fun" but geez.

We took a stockpiled gift. DH loves to shop and that's one thing he's been stockpiling. So, when the party was at 3 and I realized it was 2:30, we were still good to go.

I feel somewhat bad for DS1 though, he put his pinata candy in his goody bag and I set it down and when it went back, someone else had picked it up. The parents were cool and gave him another goody bag and pulled out the bag of candy and gave him some more pieces (and then sent 2 extra goody bags with us for DS2 and just because).

2 Responses to “I'm soooo cold”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I'd do almost anything for 40!! It's currently 16 here in WA state. Unusual for us too............really cold. Heaters in the animals water containers, lights on in the pump house so it won't freeze, the whole deal. Can't wait for spring.
    At 40 degrees...........go outside & take a walk for me!!! Smile

  2. cercis Says:

    LOL, my blood is tooo thin. But come summer, when you're complaining about 85 being hot, I'll tell you my A/C is set for 85 and I don't get hot until 95 (true).

    We had thought about walking to the movies and the store today, but we just can't handle the cold. We don't even have the clothes for cold anymore.

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