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How much money?

January 31st, 2006 at 12:18 am

This is a question that was posed on an online forum a few years ago: How much money would it take to change your life?

At the time, I said $80,000, that was enough to pay off all the bills we owed. Now it would take more like $100,000 (traded to a larger house and had a job loss/cross-country move in there).

But, I've been thinking. That would be less stress, for sure, but it wouldn't change my life. I'd keep my job, dh would keep his job, we'd just have more wiggle room for other things. But nothing would really change.

If I were to really change my life - radically alter the course, it would take at least $1million. That's the sum that would allow me to feel comfortable breaking completely away from what I do and learning something entirely new.

Don't get me wrong, I like my life. It's a pretty good life. I like my job, my co-workers, my house, the area we live, etc. But, I can't shake the feeling that there is something else I should be doing. I think I'm a radical without a cause. I just can't find a cause I can get behind.

DH, on the other hand, could change our whole life with $200,000. That is the sum that would have him comfortable enough to pack up lock, stock and barrel and move onto something entirely new.

I've been thinking about life. I know that I'm in a holding pattern. I admit I'm afraid I will stay there, but I'm afraid to try something new and fail. At heart, I'm a pessimist.

My goal this year is to work on finding what cause I want to devote energy to, to being more optimistic, to feeling like I can make a change and be happy. And to be more willing to take the risk.

I don't expect to come into money anytime soon, but it never hurts to have a plan and be ready.

How much money would it take to completely change your life?

5 Responses to “How much money?”

  1. jorge Says:

    Nice post. For me, I'm thinking $300,000. That's the amount the woman in "Stop working...start living" had. Assuming, of course, that our house was paid for and if it weren't, then it'd have to be $400,000. Some day.... Wink

  2. baselle Says:

    The first answer is: about 50K. When I reached that amount, the fear about my job disappated and I didn't feel like I was living from paycheck to paycheck.
    The second answer was: about 250K. That's a bit under the amount I'm about to receive. I'm learning, though, (and so are you in your post) is that the amount of money shifts. Pinning peace of mind onto the size of a bank account is like chasing a rainbow. It always going to be at least 100K more than what you have. Worse, the more money you have the more careful you'll have to be with it.

  3. PrincessPerky Says:

    I am not sure I want to change my life. I wouldn't mind no house debt, but....I wouuld just get a bigger house. Might be better off and in less debt if I stick to the life I have (which I rather like actually)

  4. Ima saver Says:

    When I was in my early 20's, I thought having $10,000 in the bank would be a financial cushion that be all I would ever need. (That is when you could buy a new house for about $12,000) Now, I would need about 2 million so that I could live on the interest.

  5. LittleGopher Says:

    Interesting question! For immediate purposes, about $50,000 would eliminate our evil cc debt, our mortgage, and get a newer used vehicle, as well, as give us an emergency fund. Until we find a generous donor, we're working on this ourselves, bit by bit!

    To make a huge change, I think closer to the million would be more like it. Though, I agree with baselle, money need is a shifty creature. A huge change for us would, of course, attend to the things mentioned above. But then we could set up a college fund for the four girls (plus maybe help out our six nieces and nephews with college too?) My husband could have more freedom to either stay where he's employed or start his own business. He could retire earlier than we're thinking now. We could help out our parents a bit in their retirement. Also, definitely make sure we're set for retirement. I'd love to see us travel more with the girls.

    Boy, even spending an imaginary million goes fast...maybe I should make it at least 2 million, just in case!

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