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Exploring car-less days

January 2nd, 2006 at 12:47 am

We now live right at a half a mile from the grocery store and kmart (and the grocery store is a good one with decent prices). So today, we realized that we had no idea where our sauerkraut is (gotta have sauerkraut on New Year's) and that we would eat what we had even if we bought new) plus we were out of milk, bananas and cold cuts, so we decided to walk to the store.

We took some water, our wallets and our plastic totebags (bought in Mexico for $1). We made a stop at kmart because DS2's sandals wouldn't stay strapped and it was driving him nuts and he needed new sandals anyway (first new sandals we've bought him since last year). Then on to the grocery store. Knowing that we would have to carry it all back with us made us a little more careful with what we bought. We got our milk, our cold cuts, some lettuce, sauerkraut and bananas. We looked at a few more items, but the sale items aren't things we use, so we checked out.

I'd call it a success. None of us are sore (we had several car-less days on the island over the holiday and those meant walking several miles) and the kids only whined a little bit. Next time we might build in a little more time and go to the park that's just past the stores.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good for you!!! The first few times are the hardest, but once you get the hang of using feet for your errands it gets a lot easier.

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