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Family Fun Day

November 28th, 2005 at 03:32 am

I love the area where we live. It's subtropical so the temps are still in the 80s (we've had a couple of days of 50-60 temps which feel soooo cold). This makes family fun day so easy to do and do frugally.

Today we decided we hadn't been to the beach in a month. This is semi-frugal, all it takes is the gas to get there. Texas passed a law that all of its beaches belong to the state, so there are no fees to access most of the beach (at one end is the state park which requires an entrance fee and at the other end is the car access beach which has a fee of $2). Our gas prices have dropped like a stone and they're now $1.80/gallon - so the gas is about $4.

It was windy. Winnnn-ddddyyy. As in "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" windy. The sand from the beach felt like a thousand stinging ants. Like we were being sandblasted. DS1 didn't like it. Because it was windy the water was cool. Not terribly cold, but cool. The 2 boys played in it and I pretended to body surf some - the bad thing is I can ride the wave farther that way than on the boogie board. DH was too cold (this is the man who wants to move to Colorado) to really play in the water. We walked about a half mile up the beach against the wind and then back and then decided the sand was killing us.

So, because we'd driven 50 minutes to get there and had only been at the beach about 45 minutes, we decided we needed to spend some more time there, so we went for the nature walk and watched the birds and fish and looked for an alligator.

Then, because it is a tradition - we stopped for an all you can eat fried fish dinner. This is the part that isn't frugal. $23.50 later, we're full of fish and heading home. I love their fried fish. It is sooo worth it and we're actually below budget on the eating out situation this month (I question that though, so I'll be combing the credit card statements carefully).

So, a semi-frugal family fun day. Plus, I've now had one of my fish meals for the week.

I have to say, before I moved here I hated seafish, it always tasted so "funky". But now that we've moved here, the fish is sooo fresh it tastes wonderful. I still miss the catfish I grew up with, but this works (and less chance of mercury contamination too).

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