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Okay day

August 28th, 2005 at 07:09 am

It was a nice lazy day. The kids and DH wanted to go out to eat, but I convinced them to wait until tomorrow. We'll probably go to the beach and if we do, we'll stop and have seafood (yummy, all you can eat).

DH got the phone he ordered from ebay and it was not as advertised. A piece of it is about to break off, so he's trying to get the seller to refund some money. If he won't work it out, DH will go through ebay and paypal resolution. I think he might be able to fix it with some epoxy type glue, but he would never have paid that much if he had known the true condition. Also, it was advertised as a t-mobile phone, but it's an AT&T phone. It's unlocked so DH can make it work, but it's more work than he had planned. So, not a good ebay experience.

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