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Finally Friday

August 27th, 2005 at 05:49 am

It's finally friday. I keep a spreadsheet at work of all my files and created a tickler with it. Friday is my day to catch up all my tickler dates. Yeah, that didn't go so well. I got an emergency call that a payoff was needed. I don't like to do payoffs because I don't actually process the payments so I'm having to use the record keeping of someone else. I also needed to contact the clients to find out if they had any other expenses I didn't know about. I called the title company and told them monday. They just called me this week, after I called and called for a month to find out if they were going to request a payoff.

DH got his travel reimbursement check in today. This is for his first business trip in August. He has another trip he needs to submit and will have one next week too.

In February we went to Dallas and stayed in a hotel and had a bad experience. The final capper was that there was a dirty glass under the bed which had been used as a spit cup for someone who dips tobacco. I was looking to see if there was anything of ours under there and actually touched that nasty tobacco. I wanted to crawl out of my skin. But, we complained and they sent us a certificate for 2 free nights. So now when I drive to Dallas to meet my mom, I won't have to pay for the hotel room. I sure hope this experience is better.

I spent $20 to buy school shirts for my kids. I think I got sizes that will grow with them, but still fit them now. I hope so anyway. That was the extent of my spending. Dh told me he spent some money to get some software so that we can list his photos for sale online. He takes the most amazing nature photos. This would be great, we're doing pretty well, but I'd like to have his camera work for us. Besides, he loves photography so much that he wants so many things. Right now it's been too expensive to let him get whatever he wants, but with a little bit of income, maybe he can get his kit worked out.

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