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August 19th, 2005 at 02:08 am

I did my monthly fill up on my car and OUCH. Almost $20. I used to be less than $10. I'm glad I don't drive much (when we lived in OKC, I had to fill up about once/week).

And then, since Circle K is having a special on their sodas, I had to go buy one. It was 96 cents, then I poured some off into a water bottle so I have soda for tomorrow. I wasn't prepared or I would have had 2 water bottles (which is what I did last time).

I've been messing with the budget some. I felt so bad about our spending in July because it was sooo much more than we made. Then I looked it over and realized that the reason it was so high was because we had dipped into savings to pay off a credit card. Once I took out the credit card payment that was over the minimum required, the budget came waaay down. Then it was just over because of a planned expense we had saved for (and that wouldn't have been so bad except DH had to register his truck and car in TX and that was a lot more than I had expected).

So, now my spending/budget reconciliation doesn't include cc payments over the minimum (we have a balance on one card because we just transferred a high interest debt to a zero interest card). I will show that when I do my monthly networth statement (debt going down and savings going up or staying the same).

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