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Finally back

August 17th, 2005 at 03:15 am

So, I had to go to the dentist. In order to use my dental insurance I had to drive to San Antonio (4 hours). We decided that since the kids were gone we'd make it a getaway weekend. It was a nice time, we walked and walked and walked along the riverwalk. Spent $5 or so at Ben & Jerry's then had a meal at a Mexican restaurant and walked back to our hotel.

I was told the filling for my tooth would probably be $75 after insurance payment, but they said there wasn't a charge. I hope they were right. It was pretty quick and mostly painless. The tooth hadn't started to decay, so they just put a new filling on it. I didn't get a full cleaning and checkup, but he didn't say anything about the condition of my teeth or gums, so I'm thinking they must at least look okay.

We used the trip to go to Costco and stock up on some things. We got some organic milk to freeze (milk freezes well, just pour off some to allow for expansion and be prepared to shake it after it thaws) and then we got the VCR/DVDR we were looking at (it was on sale this week). Our bedroom TV went out, but DH had a projector that he could hook to a VCR, so that's what he's been doing. He projects it onto the bedroom wall and has a big screen tv. It works really well for him. So we spent $189 for the VCR/DVDR and saved the money we would have spent on a new TV (about $250). This is our bday present to ourselves (we both have bdays this month).

For bdays, we get money from our moms. I've decided to average those out for our eating out budget. We love to eat out and it's the best treat for us. So I'll just divide the total by 12 and make it our new monthly budget. Also, DH travels occasionally for work and gets a nice amount for perdiem ($30/day) and he never spends that much (I tell him to treat himself some), so I'm going to average that out also. This month will be a busy month. He's already been gone 4.5 days and will be gone at least 5 more (2 more trips). He probably will spend $50 each trip, so we'll come out ahead.

My kids come home this weekend. I'm so excited. They've been gone too long. They start school Monday and I'll take them to the store to pick up a lunch box. Last year they made it by with bags and what not, but I think they would have fun with a lunchbox. Yes, it's money I don't have to spend, but it's something they will enjoy. I always wanted a lunchbox and to take my lunch to school, but my mom wouldnt' go for it. I don't have a choice but to send their lunch, their school doesn't have a hot lunch program.

We're on track to be in budget for groceries and eating-out. It's hard to say about gas. Too many long trips and gas is so high right now. I may have to reevaluate that budget category.

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