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Good day

August 13th, 2005 at 02:00 am

At work I managed to complete 2 huge projects that have been hanging over my head. I have 3 more and then those are done and it's back to normal work duties. I ended up working late today to finish those things, but it was so worth it.

DH and I went out to eat last night, so I ended up spending $10.36 yesterday. The kids are visiting grandparents so we had a nice time out. I made him drive down the road I work on and look at the funky neighborhood leading up to my office. Then I pointed out the office (I've been there 4 months and he still had no idea where I worked). Then we were downtown and saw the hamburger joint was still open. It's a cool place, they have these display cases full of fun items - radios from like the 20s through the 60s and some novelty ones. Phones from old crank phones to a 1980s cell phone.

I like looking at displays like those. It reminds me of why I don't have collections of my own. My mom and dad have these extensive collections that take up their whole house. They even built a huge 25x25 room to hold more collections. They probably have $15k invested in their collections (if not more). They get things as a "good deal" and can't pass it up. I told them to make my brother executor of their estates because I'm not going to want to deal with their collections. I'll call an auction house and tell them to have fun.

I realize how much money I save by not having collections. Also, all the time I save not having to dust and care for collections, shop for collections, etc. I don't know which came first, the frugalness or the no collections rule, but I know they work hand in hand.


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