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Oh why not?

August 10th, 2005 at 11:12 pm

Maybe some accountability will help. Plus, I'm feeling lonely today, so why not?

Today was a pretty good day. My goal for August was to quit going to the vending machine. So far, I've skipped it. I have stopped at circle K for their big sodas, but I pour it off into water bottles and then drink it over several days rather than all at once.

I had to go to Walmart today. Ugh. But, I had to pay the water bill (and finally figured out how to get them to autodraft it, yay! no more stopping by to pay the stupid thing) so I figured why not. I did pretty well, I only got the personal care items on my list (but forgot dental floss) and then left. I had a $10 gift card from Mypoints, so I used it and then put the other $6.55 on my credit card (but the wrong one, I put it on discover which only gives me .25% rather than citibank which gives me 1%).

I'm enjoying Texas. Most personal care items are tax free. Coming from Oklahoma, that's a big savings. I'm used to paying 8.375% for EVERYTHING (food too) and now I'm here and it seems I rarely pay sales tax, and when I do, it's 8.25%.

It's hot today, so I'm not getting to the weeds like I need to. The electric weedwacker doesn't seem to work, so I'm using the manual one (craftsman brand), but it tires me out. I finally got some clippers to cut the johnsongrass, the weedwacker couldn't make headway through them.

We have a commitment to doing the best we can for the environment, which includes using a manual mower. This is wonderful, unless the grass decides to grow 4 inches in one week (it actually did that, I swear), then it will just push the grass blades over rather than cutting them. So, I spent several hours last week swinging the weedwacker over the front yard. Now it's the backyard's turn. I'm glad it's a small lot.

I haven't set that many goals yet. I want to stay within our budget (averaged monthly to allow some leeway) and pay off the credit cards (we rolled some high interest debt onto lower interest cards, but we need to pay them off ASAP anyway). I also want to try to save enough for a downpayment for a house come December. I hate renting. You get stuck with the crap your landlord buys - my dishwasher barely works and isn't energy star and the stove is from the 70s. Thankfully, the fridge is mine and is energy star. We also use a roasting oven and toaster oven for most things. Saves a lot of energy and doesn't heat up the whole house (we put the roaster in the garage). My crockpot got broken when we moved, so that's something we're thinking about buying again.

Well, that's enough for now. Thanks for reading.

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