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February 27th, 2006 at 09:49 pm

It looks like I'm starting a sinus infection. This is the first one since 2004, but that one was major, it took 6 months and 3 rounds of antibiotics to go away.

I'm rinsing my sinuses with a homemade saline solution (recommended by an allergy doctor) and (this is gross, so skip if you want) I'm getting lots of gunk to wash out, but the pressure is still there. Especially if I bend over.

I'm so far behind at work. DH agreed to be responsible for picking up the kids today so I could put in a fulltime day (I normally work 6 hours). I worked straight through lunch, but came home some early. I ended up working 8.5 hours today. And, I really didn't get that much more accomplished.

I told my bosses on Friday that I was drowning, so today they spoke to one of our other office workers and will have her help me with the easier stuff. I think that I should be able to funnel a lot of just paper pushing tasks to her (like making copies, sending invoices, cleaning up scanned documents).

I did finish the major project today. My boss wanted to only charge $1500 for our fees, but I reminded him that we rushed this through and I put a lot of work on hold for it (pissing off some of our current clients) so we decided to charge $2100 - which I still think is a little on the low side. We set up 2 new corporations and a new limited partnership for him - doing all the paperwork and filing with the secretary of state.

I have one more business project to do. This one has required 3 hours of conferences with the client. One thing I like about him, though, is that we gave him example documents and he put them together to fit what he wanted so all the attorney has to do is make sure he didn't contradict himself anywhere.

I'm so ready to get these done and get back to my regular tasks. Of course, Tuesday is foreclosure sale day and I have 15 foreclosures set, so I'll have to do bids, deeds, affidavits and bills for all of those. That will easily take all day. I'll see if the helper can help with those, I've got the bids mostly done and the documents are set up as mail merge documents (if I use a form, I set it up as a merge to make sure I get all the fields filled in and to save time).

Please God, let this sinus thing be a virus and resolve itself without needing a sick day (or at least wait until next week).

In other news - I bought a soda today - 65 cents frivolous spending.

4 Responses to “Oh OUCH”

  1. Kitty Says:

    I too suffer from sinus infections. Another way to help clear it up is to take a hot bath with 1/2 cup epsom salt and a couple of thyme stalks or about 1 TBS of dried thyme. I have had a lot fewer and less severe sinus problems since I started an organic healthy diet of natural foods no preservatives, no fast foods. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. bennyhoff Says:

    Can you post how to make the homemade solution? When I lay down I can hear the throbbing in my ear when I lay down.


  3. cercis Says:

    The doc told me just to mix table salt with warm water. Make it to where it tastes salty, but not too salty. Clear as mud? If it stings when you snort it up your nose (so ladylike, huh?) then it's too salty.

    You can buy a saline solution in the store along with a Neti pot. If you aren't comfortable experimenting, you can buy that (I don't think it's that expensive and certainly not when compared to paying for 'scrips for sinus infections).

  4. bennyhoff Says:

    OK, thanks I will give it a try today

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