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Always watch your receipts

January 17th, 2006 at 08:14 pm

JCPenney's clearance was a discount from the sales price and the way they ring it up makes it somewhat confusing. It rings up the regular price, then the sales discount, THEN the clearance discount and it does it with lots of starts and stops. So it won't move and then suddenly it prints 5-6 items at a time. We finished the clothes shopping before I went to the shoes and while I was trying on shoes,dh was looking over the receipt and noticed we hadn't gotten the clearance discount on one item. That ended up being $6.49. So we trotted over to the customer service desk and got our money back.

Then, we went grocery shopping. DH picked up some hotdogs on sale but they didn't ring up on sale. We called it and waited while they did a price check and fixed the price (unfortunately, our grocery store doesn't have a policy like some stores - where if it rings up wrong it's either free or discounted).

So, DH saved us almost $10 yesterday.

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