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End of August

August 31st, 2005 at 10:08 pm

Well, DH still hasn't gotten me his receipts, so I don't yet have the totals but it looks like we only went over budget in 2 categories - eating out and "miscellaneous". I think I need to break out misc more and get a better idea of the expenses for it. I'm not sure how much over it is as DH took back a big ticket item that didn't work the way it was advertised and got our money back. We'll still be over, but I think it will be much closer to the mark.

I got a notice from my kids' school that they need tb skin tests. They knew that I was taking them to the doc for their back to school physical and shots and didn't say anything to me. The doc had the medical records and knew what it was about and didn't say anything to me. So now they want me to fork over another $50 for the office visit? Umm, yeah, they'll just have to wait until October when we were planning to go back for another shot. Of course, since it is a residence training program, I could honestly say that October is the earliest appointment I can get (I don't know that that will happen, but it sometimes takes a couple of months to get an appt for non emergency things).

This reminds me that I need to put in for the last $56 for reimbursement. If I had done it today, I would have saved $2.50, being postmarked after 8/31 is going to cost me $2.50. That sucks. But dh appears to have moved the receipt I need. I was hoping to get the one from the kids' co-pays and one from my co-pay and do that, but by the time we got done at the docs it was after 5:00 and they asked if they could just mail it and I was so tired from the ordeal I said fine. Now I wish I had waited. Hindsight.

I got my first paycheck with the increased hours. It's actually enough for them to take out fed taxes. Woo-hoo. I was getting a tad worried about our tax bill next year. My mom tells me to adjust my dependents but we have no idea what number we should use. I used the number on the w-4 worksheet. When we get our taxes done, I'll contact the bookkeeper and tell her a specific amount of money to withhold. But I'm too lazy to try to figure it out now.

I was talking to my boss today about my desire to buy a house and he advised me to hold off a few months to see what gas prices do. His reasoning is that so many people in our area live on the edge and when they start getting squeezed by gas prices they won't be able to afford their house payment and will have to sell and I should be able to get a great deal. That's good for me, but I worry about those people, if they can't afford a house payment, how will they be able to afford rent?

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