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Eeeekkkk!!! A snake!

March 8th, 2006 at 07:08 pm

I got up last night for no real reason and found a snake in my house.

Now, it wasn't a big snake. Really, it was smaller than a lot of earthworms. At first glance it might have been a worm but it moved like a snake (that S slide). I finally managed to catch it with a piece of paper and a tupperware container.

At that point I KNEW it wasn't a worm. I could see eyes. Worms don't have eyes.

So, yeah, that messed with my sleep. I'm in bed thinking "that was a baby, I wonder if mama is nearby".

2 Responses to “Eeeekkkk!!! A snake!”

  1. miclason Says:

    EEEEK! indeed!...do you have a big garden??...is there someplace warm in your house where they might be hiding?...could it have escaped from the neighbors??....
    er, I don't think I'm being any help, so I'll just go away now!

  2. cercis Says:

    Yeah, my house is probably the cool spot right now. It's been in the very high 80s outside.

    I didn't kill it. I let it go today. I decided that it most likely wasn't venomous so there was no reason to kill it.

    It did NOT want to come out of the container to go into the yard. Silly snake.

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