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Didn't eat out

October 20th, 2005 at 11:15 pm

We almost ate out. But we were saved from ourselves, the restaurant was closed. So we came home and dug in the freezer and pulled out enough to have a decent meal.

I've so ready to give up on the house hunt. We got a counteroffer this evening (the written one) and when I read through it, I realized that it had expired today at noon. Now there are 2 other people bidding on this property, so it looks like this one will fall through too.

I'm beginning to think it just isn't the right time right now.

We got our credit scores ran and they're pretty good. I'm a little pissed because I've not applied for any new credit and it came across as having been lowered because of too many inquiries. The only thing I've done is get insurance quotes and we got 4 rate quotes for mortgages. So, if you shop around, you get penalized. Loverly. At least it was high enough that it didn't matter, we still got a good quote.

Tomorrow we are going to the dollar movie with my ds's friend and his mom. It'll be 3 dollars for us to get in and I might spring for a kids' pack for $2.50. We'll see. It's money we shouldn't necessarily spend, but ...

I have tomorrow off so I can get some laundry done, etc. I'll have almost 2 whole hours without the kiddoes. Maybe I can even get some lawn work taken care of.

We're supposed to drive to the island saturday with DSs' other friend. This is the first time I've really started feeling like I can make friends as a couple. DH gets along with both of the DH's, I get along with the moms and the kids get along together. What could be better?

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