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Home Spa Day

January 31st, 2006 at 08:05 pm

I'm home alone and feeling guilty for my eating and spending today. I decided it was time to stop and move to something useful, frugal and "feel good-y".

So, I got out the hair cutting scissors and followed a tip I got here - I pulled my hair into a pony tail and cut it straight across, this gives a layered look. Last time I did it, I pulled the hair to the top and that gave dramatic layers. This time I pulled it to just below the crown and the layers are much more subtle.

I think I cut about 2.5 inches off the longest section and one section didn't get cut at all. That was fine, that section didn't have any split ends.

Then, into the kitchen to mix up some henna to color my gray roots and jazz up my color.

When I first thought about henna, I asked a few friends and they made it sound soooo difficult. So the first time I tried it, it was difficult. But, now I've figured it out.

First, the directions say not to use metal. Which means I can't heat the water on the stove (I don't have any corningware), so I heat the water in the microwave in a pyrex bowl (little bitty one). In a slightly larger pyrex bowl, I pour out about 1/4-1/3 cup of henna. I then mix the hot water into that very slowly. I pour and mix, pour and mix. This is the best way to keep from having clumps. I add enough water to get it the consistency of honey.

Then, into the bathroom to don latex gloves and start putting in my hair. This time I didn't really mix enough, so I mainly concentrated on my roots. If I think it needs more, I'll add it tomorrow. I use my hands (in gloves) and the plastic fork I used to mix the henna to apply it. I find the tines of the fork really help to comb it into my hair.

Finally, I covered it with a hair wrap that I got with another dye package and a plastic shower cap. I'm sitting here with it wrapped until I'm ready for bed. Then I'll shower and rinse it out.

I like henna because it's natural and it's good for your hair. It's a natural conditioner. In fact, many hair dressers recommend the no color version for people who have hair that needs some more conditioning. It's also good if your hair is thinning because it coats the hair shaft and makes each hair thicker. This isn't an issue for me, my hair is still pretty thick, but there is a noticeable difference - a lot more body and you can definitely look at a hair and tell where the henna stopped.

I can get about 3 applications of henna for $5. Not bad when you compare it to a dye job in the salon.

4 Responses to “Home Spa Day”

  1. miclason Says:

    WOW!...I've thought about cutting my own hair, but never got the nerve to do it...you've inspired me, and I might try your trick....maybe tomorrow night: it's a Thursday and I don't have to teach tomorrow after class, so if I mess up really bad, I could go to the salon to fix it after work!...hmmmm...

  2. cercis Says:

    I recommend you start with just cutting a little and seeing what you think, then you can cut more. That's what I do. My hair is very forgiving - it's down to my bra strap and wavy. Shorter, straighter hair might not be so forgiving.

  3. PrincessPerky Says:

    I finally had DH cut mine a while back, he did great. I also got the nerve to cut the kids, I am learning as I go, thankfully theirs is curly and forgiving.

    I might try the henna for conditioning, I have a lot of hair, and it needs extra love.

  4. miclason Says:

    LOL! I tried it this morning...my hair is wavy and veeeeery long, so I didn't fret about snipping a bit too much! - I like the way it came out, but, stillh have to look at it when it's completely dry. In the meantime, I'm still wearing the ponytail- just in case!! lol!...might try the henna, too!
    I cut my daughter's hair, but, hers is curly!

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