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Not so frugal family fun day

January 13th, 2006 at 07:56 pm

It wasn't a bad spending day, but it wasn't the most frugal. My kids have a friend at school they both love. I get along well with his mom and dh gets along well with the dad. So they were begging to do something together, but our house is so not ready for guests yet. So, I suggested the movie theatre. It's $1.50 for a ticket and (I thought) you can get a "movie meal" (small popcorn, soda and candy) for $2.75. No, turns out, the movie meal is $4!!! For next to no food. But, I had promised the kids, so we spent more on the snack than the tickets.

We saw Zathura. I thought it would be silly, but it was actually pretty good. Very touching. AND, we walked to the theatre (it's a 7 minute walk, it probably would have taken that long to get in the car, get the kids buckled, drive there, find a parking space, etc).

I changed my withholding at work, so my paycheck went down. We're going to owe pretty big this year, I just hope not so much that we have to pay a penalty. DH had his withholding set to the level of me not having a job and I set mine following the guidelines of us both having a job, so too little was withheld. When we get our w-2s I'll check to see if we'll be close with the new withholding and adjust accordingly.

I'm still on my diet, but I moved to phase II so I can now have fruit!!! Fruit, glorious fruit. DH is so amazingly sweet, he makes me a fruit smoothie every morning. I really need to figure out something special I can do just for him. I used to bake for him, but this diet doesn't really allow for most baked goods (when we move to phase III, I'll figure out how to make him whole wheat pizza crust, etc.

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