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Park Day!

January 2nd, 2006 at 08:40 pm

Today the kids and I walked to the park. I'm trying to kickstart my exercise and walking is one way to do it. Unfortunately, it only takes 5 minutes to walk to the park. So while the kids ran and played, I walked around picking up trash (community service right?) and that took all of 5 minutes. So then I sat and weeded the play area for about 30 minutes (more community service, every weed I pull out is a little less toxic weed killer they have to use).

It was flat warm here today. Over 80. So, I made the kids wear their hats (new for xmas from grandma) and took water. I found a screwdriver on the way there (and stuck it in my backpack, leading dh to ask me why I was carrying a screwdriver - "feeling unsafe?"). I picked it up figuring you can't have too many screwdrivers.

DH realized that when he was unloading the truck last week he took the wheelbarrow off and left it in the alleyway. It wasn't there when I got home, so between about 10:30 and 3:00 (daylight) someone made off with the wheelbarrow. Now, they could have thought it was a get rid of item, but since we are moving, I suspect it was more of a "I'm going to get it before they change their mind or realize" thing. So, so far we've lost a dryer and a wheelbarrow. So frustrating. And we moved into what is supposed to be a good neighborhood.

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